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Meptagon Green is led by an experienced team of professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in managing hydro projects worldwide as well as other large scale infrastructure projects.

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What makes us different

Acquiring operating or with need for rehabilitation hydro assets

Using our extensive and unique blend of financial and technical experience we carefully choose undervalued high potential operating green energy assets. We acquire them debt free in LBO transactions in order to generate stable cash flows for further development.

Improving operational results

With our engineering and operational skills & experience we improve operational performance & yield of the operational hydro power plants, thus boosting cash flow available to equity.

Access to cheaper finance through managed risk

By purchasing operational assets with proven track record of operation coupled by our extensive financing experience we can negotiate lower funding costs and use acquired assets to leverage further development.

Developing new markets

Using cash flow generated from operational assets, as well as the assets own value, we can develop efficient new hydro power plants in new markets.


Primary countries of interest in SEE region are countries of the south Caucasus and Western Balkans. The portfolio may include selected projects from other European countries.

The region has large unused hydro potential and rapidly increasing local electricity consumption. As the region has the highest growth rate compared to rest of the Europe, it is necessary that new capacities meet this growth in demand. The region is also close to major consumers such as EU countries, Russia and Turkey.

The target investment size will be determined according to the risk balanced in a diversified portfolio. Except for urgent investments in new generation capacities, other priority needs in SEE region are enhancing interconnections, efficiency of power generation, diversification of energy sources, as well as developing a regional market and compatible market rules for the region.

Lapota HPP

The group acquired Lopota HPP in July 2017 and continue to operate the HPP with the company generic team. The HPP is located in Georgia, Kakheti region, on the river Lopota.

The construction of SHPP Lopota started in 2003 with an acquired debt financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Bank of Georgia.

The civil structures consist of the earth weir 32.8 m long with facing from precast reinforced concrete assembling plates and performs spillway function, side intake structure, sand-trap, the forebay with the flat gate and the trash rack, the headrace pipeline, surge tower and penstock. The intake structure has one weir gate (flushing sluice), two intake hole with the trash rack and two gate and its run of the river operating.

Dzama HPP

The group acquired Lopota HPP in July 2017 as non operative HPP and immediately started to develop the project from very beginning. Recently the company obtained the construction permit and the construction begins in August 2018. In earlier 1960th Dzama HPP was used for energy providing to 10 villages of Kareli district, two car-tractor stations and partly Agara-sugar factory.

The construction of the plant was finished in 1945. One horizontal axis units of 220 KW with “Francis” frontal type, ФТУ-2 hardware model turbine and C-148-6-8 model synchronic generator was installed in the power house, the net head was 22.5 m.

The civil structures consist of the weir 26 m long with the side intake structure, the derivation channel, the forebay and penstock, with the flat gate and the trash rack. The intake structure has one weir gate (flushing sluice), one intake hole with the trash rack and one gate. The rubble masonry headrace channel is 1.7 km long, rectangular shape. The channel ends at a forebay, which consists bottom/flushing outlet with gate, one trash rack and one intake gate to the penstock. The steel penstock have a diameter of 900 mm and a 62 m length. The powerhouse is in one level. Dimension 11 x 10.7, room height 4.74 m. There are 5 windows and one door in machinery hall.

Ghvanana HPP

The group started the development of Ghvanana HPP in July 2018. SHPP Gvanana project is located in Kareli municipality, close to settlement Zghuderi, on river Ghvanana. Ghvanana is right tributary of river Dzama with tributary place in Zghuderi.