Meptagon Green is committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly and openly. We operate a zero tolerance approach towards bribery and will avoid doing business with others who do not commit to doing business without bribery as a ‘best practice’ objective.


Our bribery prevention policies include the following:

  • Communication reminding employees of the risks of bribery on current and upcoming projects.
  • Due diligence on relevant persons associated with current and upcoming projects.
  • Protection for confidential reporting of bribery.
  • Involvement in raising awareness and encouraging transparent dialogue throughout the organization so as to seek to ensure effective dissemination of anti-bribery policies and procedures to employees and subsidiary companies.
  • Commitment to ensuring any hospitality and promotional expenditure is transparent, proportionate, reasonable and bona fide.
  • Contractual provisions preventing bribery in relevant project documentation wherever possible.
  • Working together with our investors against bribery.

Meptagon Green values its reputation and preventing bribery is extremely significant in maintaining this reputation, as well as our business relationships with our investors.