Meptagon Green is committed to understanding, minimizing, and managing the potential environmental impacts and public safety hazards associated with our operations and activities.

Our environmental principles are based on the fundamental values of accountability, partnership and open communication. We accept the responsibility entrusted to us to manage natural resources in ways to ensure sustainable development. Our approach protects and enhances the ecosystems and communities affected by our activities while managing a successful business.


  • We meet legislated requirements and we strive to achieve a level of performance not only governed by these requirements but also by considerations of the socio-economic and environmental expectations of stakeholders.
  • We engage in open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders to achieve a greater understanding of expectations and constraints.
  • We promote a partnership approach for the development of responsible and realistic solutions.
  • We understand, minimize and manage the impacts and risks associated with our operations and we plan for emergency situations.
  • We integrate environmental, public and socio-economic considerations into our business processes.
  • We ensure efficiency of our operations and activities in the use of natural resources.
  • We exercise leadership by encouraging and training our employees at all levels to ensure the environmental stewardship associated with their responsibilities.
  • We ensure that our performance demonstrates our leadership position.
  • We put in place environmental management systems that support this policy and ensure continual improvement.