Health and safety

We believe that a competent, well-trained workforce will have the skills, confidence and motivation to perform duties in a safe and environmentally-responsible way. Meptagon Green continuously strives to achieve excellence in safety performance and be recognized as industry leaders in accident prevention. Our overall objective is to incur zero high risk safety incidents and zero lost time injuries.

The foundation of our commitment to health and safety is a comprehensive health and safety program that includes annual targets, objectives and structured action plans. We work with our employees and the public to continually improve the health and safety performance of our operations. Health and safety is a priority at Meptagon Green. It is part of what we do every day and an important aspect of our operations.

We recognize and are committed to the following health and safety principles:

  • Responsibility and accountability for safety performance extends from the directors through the executives, managers, supervisors and workers.
  • Active participation of company leadership in the management of health and safety.
  • A primary focus on the elimination and control of high risk hazards for our employees, contractors, visitors and the population potentially affected by our operations.
  • The right and the responsibility of every employee to contribute to safe work performance.
  • Prevention through the proactive application of a comprehensive safe work management system.