Social responsibility

Hydropower improves grid stability and reliability. Electricity generated from hydropower can be placed on the grid faster than any other energy source and can go from zero power to maximum output rapidly and predictably. This makes it well-suited to meeting changing loads and providing ancillary electrical services that maintain the balance between electricity supply and demand.

We help fight climate change. The hydropower life cycle produces very small amounts of greenhouse gases. By offsetting emissions from gas, coal and oil fired power plants; hydropower can help slow global warming. Hydropower plants produce no air pollutants or toxic by-products. Where replacing fossil fueled electricity generation, acid rain and smog can be reduced.

Hydropower sector makes a significant contribution to development in general. Our Hydropower facilities bring electricity, roads, industry and commerce to communities, thereby developing the economy, improving access to health and education, and enhancing the quality of life. It contributes to freshwater storage; hydropower reservoirs collect rainwater, which can then be used for drinking or irrigation.

We know that the long term investment in hydropower projects can benefit several generations. They have low operation and maintenance costs and can easily be upgraded to incorporate the latest technologies.